This website has been designed to offer you immediate access to our sales and purchase services and property rental. You can make a specific search for your ideal home (specifying the type of offer, type of property, price and area) or browse the full portfolio of all our properties.

If you are an owner:

  • We value you property and guide you on the sale price according to current property market conditions.
  • We advertise your property in local newspapers, displays and specialised magazines. Furthermore, we place it on our website for free.

If you want to buy:

  • Complying with your requirements, we look for the property that most conforms to your needs.
  • Advisory service. Mortgages, constructors, topographers, interior designers and decorators, architects, removal services, insurance, etc.
  • Legal service. Processing of contracts (option to purchase, buying-selling, rental).
  • After-sales service.